Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cotton Prices : Cotton Price Search

Cotton is clearly very important to the fashion industry.  In fact, cotton is critically important to the entire world.  When working in the apparel industry, the price of cotton becomes an important topic of interest.  If cotton prices increase, the clothing prices should surely follow.  If price fluxuation is small, it is possible that clothes prices will not move drastically (or at all).  However, if the price increases in cotton is severe, as seen over the past year, garment prices most likely also must increase.
Below are a few searches to help you learn more about cotton prices
cotton price chart 
cotton prices 

From the following cotton links, you can learn about the futures market:
cotton futures 
cotton futures charts 
cotton futures prices 
cotton futures market 
cotton futures trading 

When raw cotton fiber prices increase, the cotton fabric prices will also increase.  It then becomes up to the apparel manufacturer if they will increase the cost of their garments to their buyers. 
Try the following if you are searching for historical data regarding cotton prices:

cotton prices historicalcotton prices 2010
cotton prices 2009 
cotton prices 2008

We hope that you find this information about cotton prices to be helpful to you and your business.

Do you think that apparel manufacturers should raise pricing for cotton shirts and pants every time cotton cost increases?  Or should clothing prices remain relatively unchanged?

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