Monday, March 21, 2011

Fashion Portal

Fashion Portal
What is a fashion portal? 
Are you looking for a fashion portal?
Do you think that I know anything about fashion portals???
Well, these are all fantastic questions.  In my opinion, a fashion portal is basically a view into the world of fashion.  Think of a portal as a door.  We walk thru the door and move from a world of "non fashion" into a world "of" fashion.  OK, maybe this makes little sense.  Anyway, if you are interested in learning more about fashion, you can check the fashion portal website. 
The Fashion Industry Portal is a web site that provides a single point of access to various online resources relevant to the fashion industry.  Web portals often function as a point of access to information on a particular topic.  In our case, the topic is fashion and textiles.
This website is essentially a directory of fashion directories.  These will help guide you thru the world of fashion...
You may want to also check out the new Fashion World website.  That is another live venture into the exciting realm of fashion.

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