Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Item Level RFID Initiative : Apparel Industry

Here is a brief clip from a recent blog post from Apparel1 from the Fashion Industry Network, "Are you ready for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for your clothing company?  Well, ready or not, if you have not already learned a little something about RFID, it could not hurt to get started.  Although I can not teach you much on the subject (due to my lack of knowledge on the issue), I can tell you that their is a new Item Level RFID Initiative under works by a few leading associations and organizations.  You may be aware that many retailers already use RFID, and the standards may be complicated for many small, medium, or large size clothing companies.  Below, will not actually answer your questions regarding RFID for clothing companies, but maybe it will give you a brief introduction to the fact that RFID is growing in importance.  After all, it has it's own "initiative"... Therefore, it certainly seams important..."  Read more about the Item Level RFID Initiative from Apparel 1 at the Fashion Industry Network.

If you have questions or comments regarding the Item Level RFID Initiative, you can ask questions in the fashion industry discussion forum at FIN.

Learn more about RFID for Clothing at the RFID for clothing section on Apparel Search.  From their you can learn about RFID readers, RFID labels, RFID scanners, RFID definitions, and more.  Who ever thought that Radio Frequency Identification could be so fun...  Wow, RFID is really in fashion this year...

Learn more about the Item Level RFID Initiative from the VICS website.

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