Friday, November 19, 2010

How to Build a Fashion Website : Brief Summary

Here is how to build a fashion website... Note, this is for small fashion businesses.

1)  Find a domain name (website address).  Here are a few "fashion" relevant that may be for sale.  Fashion Domains.  However, you may want to search for other options.  You can find domain name search resources at sites like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Domain Discover, etc. (learn more about domain names).

2)  Website Templates : you may want to use a website template rather then code the site yourself.  There are MANY website that can help you with this aspect of the project.  Although I have not used the program, I think that Intuit may have a nice selection.  However, I am not sure if they offer the best pricing.  I would suggest you check aournd before building your fashion website with this system. 

3)  Website Design Tool to Add Components to Your Site: you can find a few fashion website design tools listed on Apparel Search.  However, this is just a small sampling of what is available. 

4)  Fashion Affiliate Programs : if you aim is to make a little extra money by using affiliate programs, you may want to try Commission Junction, LinkShare, or other affiliate programs.   You can learn a bit about fashion affiliate programs at   You may also want to read the earn money with fashion blogs article.

5)  Adding Data : in addition to developing your own data, you can also utilize information from places such as SuperPages and other similar resources.

If you plan to make a fashion blog, you may want to check out Blogger (that is the program I use for this fashion blog website).

OK, above is NOT all you need to know about building a website.  However, hopefully this will help you get started.

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