Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Apparel News You Can Use

Retailers, brands and manufacturers are working together to make the apparel industry eco-friendly and sustainable from the fibers to the finished products.
If you are interested, you can read an article on this subject called, SUSTAINABLE APPAREL IS THE ONLY OPTION, SAY INDUSTRY LEADERS
By Sandra Marquardt. 
You may also be interested in reading, BUSINESS ANALYTICS TAKING CENTER STAGE By Jordan Speer, Apparel.  The summary is, "As retailers and others increasingly strive to optimize their processes, they are finding that business analytics integrated across the entire enterprise can yield actionable data that can be used to save time, improve customer relationships and spike profits."
For further reading, you may want to browse the SAKS TAKES THE 'LEAD' WITH VENDOR UPC PROGRAM article By Christian Chensvold, Apparel Contributing Writer.  The summary is, "Because the cost of assigning UPCs can be prohibitive for some vendors, Saks worked with its partners to create the Lead 4 program, ensuring that no vendor would be priced out of complying with the retailer's EDI initiative."
These apparel news articles can be found at the website (which is not affiliate with the website).
Read more apparel news at, and at the apparel news section on Apparel Search.

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